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My book about spiritual crisis, The Dark Night of the Soul: A Journey from Absence to Presence is now available online and via bookshops in both Kindle and paperback editions. An audio book version will be released soon.

My book about the Living Inquiries, The Art of Finding Yourself: Live Bravely and Awaken To Your True Nature is available on Amazon US and Amazon UK, as well as in bookshops.

“I so enjoy it, and savour each chapter as a dose of vitamins. The format is great, I can dip in at any moment, each piece inspires me. And makes me reflect on our common humanity. As I read, I keep finding references to my own life. We are all one, for sure. You write with such a warm, compassionate heart that obviously comes from a deep personal experience.” 

Nottingham Writers Studio interviewed me after The Art of Finding Yourself: Live Bravely and Awaken To Your True Nature was published in the UK. And here’s my dialogue with Nic Higham from the Radically Mindful Show.

To find out more about Scott Kiloby, the founder of the Living Inquiries, visit his site www.kiloby.com. Scott’s Living Inquiries-based books The Unfindable Inquiry: One Simple Tool to Overcome Feelings of Unworthiness and Find Inner Peace and Natural Rest for Addiction: A Radical Approach to Recovery Through Mindfulness and Awareness are available here along with his other books.

The main Living Inquiries site is www.livinginquiries.com. This site is well worth exploring; there are videos, audios, writings, and full profiles of the Senior and Certified Facilitators.

More information on Scott’s approach to addiction can be found at www.naturalrestforaddiction.com.

You are welcome to join the Living Inquiries room on Facebook. Come and join us and more than two thousand others who are interested in and working with the inquiries.

My articles have been featured on sites including elephant journal and Non-Duality Press blog:

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You can read more of my writing, including my poetry, here.