I’m glad you’ve found your way here.

If you’re interested in looking more deeply at what’s really going on, both within yourself and in other areas of your life, you’ve come to the right place.

Many of us live for years with the feeling that there is something wrong with us, that we’re damaged or defective in some way. We may struggle with anxiety, trauma, or other kinds of suffering. We try hard to make it all work, and yet somehow don’t quite manage it, despite all the effort we’re making. Various things seem to hold out hope – including healing, awakening or spirituality – but we find ourselves still adrift. As I share in my bio, I spent many years going round in circles trying to work out why I couldn’t quite make everything work.

Whatever is going on for you, we can explore it together in a way that’s gentle and radical. I say gentle, because with this way of working, there’s no push. We don’t go to places we’re not yet ready to go to, because we let the body guide us, and as you may have experienced, the body is possessed of an innate wisdom. In sessions, you’re able to be exactly as you are, however you are, in each moment. I say radical, because we let everything – every thought, every feeling, every sensation – be just as it is. There’s no analysing, rationalising, or trying to change, fix, or manage. And that sometimes brings about a kind of transformation. More than anything else, this work is about coming back to yourself, reconnecting with  yourself in deeper and deeper ways. It can be painful, but it’s also profound, sometimes joyous and definitely soulful.

If these words resonate with you, I invite you to contact me. Over the last ten years, I’ve worked with many kinds of people people from around the world. Whoever you are, whatever you’re facing, you don’t need to bring anything other than some willingness to explore. Simply come as you are, and we’ll take it from there.