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“The inquiry is an exploration in progress, not a rigid method. Doing them with a facilitator is impressively effective. It is an opening up in togetherness, lovingly looking at what is arising in the moment, without predefined answers or judgements. Just full of surprises and rich in possibilities. Your stories, views and concepts, your happiness and sadness, your funny and not-so-funny habits; that richness is all allowed and explored in the moment. Being facilitated is a precious gift, for both the facilitator and the one who is being facilitated. It feels like coming home, to yourself and to the world. I loved it.”


Embodied inquiry combines a natural being with what we’re experiencing in both mind and body with a specific, in-depth kind of exploration, which happens quite naturally as each session unfolds. A foundation of openness and non-judgemental receptivity to whatever comes creates a space in which anything, however challenging or painful, can safely be explored.

Feeling light and free…thank you for today…I like the way you work…I feel safe.”

The mind-body connection lies at the heart of inquiry. The body and imaginal being are replete with rich and varied wisdom, if we ask the right questions and listen for the answers. Once we know how to be with ourselves in this way, it is possible to journey deep within and find resources, capacities and intelligence that we had no idea was there. Our relationship with ourselves, our experience, other people and the wider world begins to change in ways that we could not have foretold.

“Thanks for today. As I was walking, I noticed the pain of being me had lessened.”

“I am so pleased to have experienced your compassionate facilitation style yesterday. You were right there when I needed it the most. These words don’t say it, but I’ll use them anyway – thank you.”